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  • 1840 CAVALRY SWORD - Ames


    1840 CAVALRY SWORD - Ames    SOLD

    Old Wristbreaker was the nickname given to this model of sword.  This model of sword was used in two wars - the Mexican war and the Civil war.  Also they were carried on the frontier in the 1840's and 1850's.  This example is made by Ames and Dated 1848.  Ames delivered 3810 swords that year.  The markings on the blade are strong and easily read.  The blade is full length and has no nicks.  There is some staining but in general the color is nice.  The leather grip wrap is strong with some wear spots.  The hilt is tight with inspectors marks on the pommel.  The buff leather washer is intact on the blade.  The scabbard has an even brown patina and is not dented.