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  • 1819 Hall Rifle dated 1838


    1819 Hall Rifle. SOLD

    This rifle is dated 1838 and is from the third contract with John Hall.  John Hall developed a breechloading rifle design that was tested and adopted by the US Military.  With the ending of production of the 1803 Rifle, J Hall was allowed to work in the Rifle works at Harpers Ferry to complete his production contract.  He developed new production techniques there and in the end achieved interchangeable parts.  He developed a system of machines that performed the manufacturing process that were able to machine the parts to a consistent pattern and therefore could interchange.  He was somewhat hard to get along with and several in the administration of Harpers Ferry had issues with him.  There was a congressional investigation launched and a commission traveled to Harper's Ferry to review his works and contracts.  They took 100 rifles from the first contract - dated 1824 - and disassembled them and put all the parts in a pile and took 100 rifle stocks from the second contract and started assembling rifles.  All 100 rifles went together without an problem.  This system of manufacturing became known as the "American System" of manufacturing and became America's First technological innovation that was exported to the rest of the world.  

    This example is dated 1838 and is in fine condition.  The rifle is complete and original.  The markings are deep and readable.  It is interesting that on these Hall Rifles there are very few markings.  This example has much of the browning remaining.  There are case colors on the sides of the breechblock.  The wood is sharp and solid with only a few bumps and bruises.  There is no crack behind the breech.  The action is strong.   This rifle displays well.