Susat Civil War Antiques


    Model 1816 Springfield Musket.   On Hold  Cone in Barrel Percussion Conversion

    Springfield produced the 1816 from the late teens until the adoption of the model 1840 Flintlock musket.  Production in 1832 was 13,600 muskets and in 1833 the production was 12,400 muskets.  

    This example is dated 1832 on the lock and 1833 on the barrel.  The markings in are strong a readable.  The barrel proofs are somewhat indistinct.   There are inspectors marks on many of the iron parts.  The musket was converted to percussion with the cone in barrel method.  All of the parts are origional and the metal is a grey brown patina with some area of light pitting.  There are also traces of browning on the barrel and the side plate.  The stock is full length and solid with sharp corners and very sharp inspectors cartouches.  They are located in the wood opposite the lock, behind the triggerguard and adjacent to the barrel tang.  The is a minor chack near the triggerguard.