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  • 1816 Musket - Remington Conversion - 1857


    1816 Musket - Remington Conversion


    In the 1850s the army decided that their testing of the Maynard tape primer system was successful enough to convert a sizeable number of smooth bore muskets to incorporate the automatic primer system. Also testing with the cone in barrel conversion determined that type of conversion could not withstand the increased breech pressure of a rifled bore.  The solution was to remover the breech of the barrel and install a new chambered breech unit that incorporated a percussion bolster.  Remington Arms Company was contracted to provide the new locks incorporating the Maynard tape primer system and new chambered breeches.  These parts were delivered to Frankford Arsenal who actually did the work.  The work included removing a portion of the existing barrel and breechplug, installing the new chambered breech, rifling the barrel and installing the new lock.  Rear sights were added until the supply was exhausted and muskets were converted without a rear sight.  A total of 20,000 muskets were converted with dates on the locks and breeches running from 1855 through 1857.  New Jersey received 2000 converted muskets.  With the start of the war these arms had been upgraded to desirable rifled muskets.

    This example is dated 1857 on the lock and the breech.  The lock is marked REMINGTON; ILION NY  ; US ;1857. The action is strong and crisp. The metal is a light grey patina with only a few scattered areas of fine pitting.  The markings are all sharp and readable.  The primer mechanism is complete and functional.  The stock is solid and in nice condition.  The cartouches are sharp and readable.  There is a NJ stamped in the side of the barrel showing New Jersey ownership.  This example was never fitted with a rear sight.  The rifling is visible.  The ramrod is a high quality reproduction ramrod.