Susat Civil War Antiques


    British Cartridge Box    SOLD

    This is an example of the 1860 British caridge box which was imported in large numbers in the civil war.  The British system used this pouch which was designed to hold 5 ten round packets of cartridges.  A open pack would be carried in the ball bag as loose cartridges which would be pulled one at a time to load in the enfield.  Ball bags were imported as well and often discarded or in the confederacy sent back to the arsenal to be made into something else.

    This particular box is solid and complete, though missing the metal tin.  The latch tab is white buff leather.  There sewing is all solid and both buckles are attached.  The finial is present as well.  There are some marks stamped near the finial.  Looks like an inventory number and a unit number.  

    You see these in images of both confederate and union soldiers.    SOLD