Susat Civil War Antiques
  • 1 1851 BUFF SABER BELT


    1851 Buff Saber Belt    SOLD

    This in an early form of this belt.  It is made from buff leather and has no rivets.  You will note the two X stitches near the keeper.  In later belts these stitches would be replaced with Rivits.  This belt had the sword drops and over the shoulder stap as well.  All of the leather is brown buff.  The unmarked 1851 eagle plate has three applied pieces of silver to form the wreath. The hardware is all sewn and all the stitching is tight.  This belt shows some wear but is solid and supple.  The leather is strong with no weak spots or repairs.  The sliding leather loops are present on the sword drops but one should be on the over the shoulder belt in the back, but is missing.   

    This is an example of the type sword belts used from the mid 1850's until the beginning of the Civil War.  With the large increase in leather production early in the was buff leather became very scarce and the government started accepting other types of leather.