Susat Civil War Antiques
  • 1- 1839 Rifle - Carbine Cartridge Box


    1839 Rifle / Carbine Cartridge Box. SOLD

    This is the 1839 cartridge box developed for both the rifle and carbine box for mounted troops.  The boxes are the same except for the implement pouch.  The rifle box has the implement box and the carbine box does not.  This is for the dragons with the 1833 Ha carbine.  It has a place for the tool so a pouch on the cartridge box was not needed.  This is a rare box.

    This example is complete with the leather solid and stitching tight.  The latch tab is complete and strong.  Originally it would have the small US plate.  Now this one has a round eagle plate mounted on the flap.  This also has a single tin.  The inner flap is marked Pittman who was one of the 4 prewar contractors for cartridge boxes.