Susat Civil War Antiques



    The 1859 series of rifles and carbines was what Sharps was producing at the start of the war.  Their factory used the same serial number series through their production and the rifles are in the same serial number sequence as everything else.  

    This example falls into line after the Egyptian contract with the 36" barrels and before the Berdan sharps shooter production.  That places it early in the war when units were scrambling for weapons.  This period was when the 5th NY bought 200 Sharps rifles for their flank companies.  This rifle has no Federal inspectors marks.  It is fitted with a saber bayonet lug.  

    The rifle is complete and functions well.  There is no finish remaining but the metal is a pleasing grey color.  The markings are there and clear.  The action functions well and the bore is strong though there is some light pitting.  There is a small shallow hole in the top of the breechblock.  Not sure why that was put there.  The lock has the pellet primer and functions well.  There is scattered area of light pitting on the metal.  The wood is solid with no cracks chips or repairs.  The buttplate and patchbox fit tight.