Susat Civil War Antiques


    P1861 Cartridge Box

    The pattern 1861 cartridge box added rivets to the waist belt straps and was produced in large numbers from 1862 through 1864.  Seeing heavy use during the war, solid examples are hard to find.  Initially, makers were not required to mark their product.   In the field the military wanted a way to identify defective products, so manufacturers were required to mark their products.  By 1864 contracts the inspector's were required to mark what they inspected.  

    This example is a solid tight example of a pattern 1861 cartridge box.  It is complete with the latch tab intact.  The stitching is tight and strong.  The ears are attached.  Both buckles are tightly attached.  The tins are both present.  Both side pieces are marked for CS Storm company.  The oval brass plate is present and has a deep untouched patina.  The leather has some surface cracking but displays well.