Susat Civil War Antiques


    P1857 Cartridge Box with Plate 

    The 1857 box was developed with the model 1855 series of arms.  It is based on the 1839 box but had belt loops added.  Soldiers had cut the backs of the 1839 box so it could be worn on a belt.  Initial production of 1857 boxes were in 58 caliber and 69 enlongated ball.  With the coming of the Civil War they were also produced in 69 caliber round ball.  The early contracts in the Civil War were for this pattern.  

    This example is nice.  It has the tins and a US plate.  The leather is solid and the stitching is strong.  Both buckles are firmly attached.  The latch tab is broken and missing the end.  The belt loops are solid and do not have rivets.  The inner flap has both ears but there is no makers name.  This is a NY version due to the placement of the belt loops.