Susat Civil War Antiques


    P1853 Enfield 1863

    The P53 Enfield was imported in larger quantities than any other foreign longarm during the Civil War.  Birmingham was a production center for Enfields.  It is estimated that each side imported about 400,000 Enfields.

    This example is a Birmingham product and in Fine condition.  It is complete and origional including the sling and cone protector.  The metal is smooth with much of the origional finish remaining.  The barrel most of the  deep blue finish.  All of the markings are crisp and clear.  The bore is excellent.  The lock has much of the visible case colors.  The Tower 1863 is deep and strong.  The stock is crisp with strong corners and has the stamps of Joseph Smith along with the BSA roundel.   There are no CS import marks on this example.  However the South was importing Enfields through 1864.