Susat Civil War Antiques


    Colt 1860 Army & Holster

    The colt 1860 design came from efforts to make the 44 caliber pistol lighter.  The dragoon had been used by the US army for over 10 years and while they liked it, at 4 1/2 pounds it was a heavy pistol.  Colt streamlined the barrel and used the 1851 navy frame and cylinder.  He added a rebated cylinder, to be able to enlarge the front to 44 caliber.  It was quite a successful design and resulted in the most popular military pistol of the war.  

    This 1860 army was made in late 1862 and was in service by the campaigns of 1863.  The metal has a grey patina and has scattered patches of light pitting.  The marks are all clear and deep and the serial numbers match, including the wedge.  The cylinder scene is visible with over 60%.  The action indexes nicely.  The grips have scattered dings and wear.  Both cartouches are visible with one being strong.  

    This pistol came with a period holster.  The holster is not the military pattern, but fits the gun well.  It originally had a strap closure, but a brass stud was added at one point.  There is no plug at the bottom of the holster.