Susat Civil War Antiques


    Colt 1851 Navy

    US marked on frame 

    The 1851 Navy was one of Colt's most popular handguns.  They were used in the California Gold Fields, by the 1st and 2nd Cav on the Frontier and on US Navy ships.  The US Navy had two contracts for 1851 navies in the 1850s.  For both the Navy requested iron triggerguard and backstrap.  The first Navy contract was marked with USN on the bottom of the backstrap.  The August 1859 the Navy placed a second order with Colt for 600 1851 Navies.  This second contract pistols are in the 89,000 to 91,000 serial number range.  Half of the pistols were delivered to the Boston Navy Yard and the other half was delivered to the New York Navy yard.  The second Navy contract was marked with a US on the frame below the Colt Patent.  They did not have the USN on the bottom of the iron backstrap.  Navy inspectors marks were usually stamped on the bottom of the wood grips.  

    This example is in the 91,000 serial number range.  The metal is a grey patina with areas of pitting.  The markings are clearance readable.  There is some cylinder scene remaining.  The serial number matches on the barrel, frame, triggerguard, backstrap, loading lever and cylinder.  The action is good.  The wood grips show wear and have no visible inspectors marks.