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COLT 1851 NAVY -1862


Colt 1851 Navy - 1862

The Colt 1851 navy was a very popular model.  Wild Bill Hickok carried a pair.  They were popular in the California  Gold Fields, purchased by the US army in the 1850s and by many soldiers in the Civil War.  This model was produced from 1850 until 1873.  It is a 6 shot 36 caliber handgun. Colt even produced them in London.  More 1851 navies were produced than 1860 armies. 

This example was produced in 1862.  It is a tight example. The numbers match on the barrel, lever, frame, triggerguard and baqckstrap.  There is no number visible on the cylinder or the wedge., including the wedge.   The wood grips are nice and solid with over half the original varnish remaining.  The metal is a pleasing grey patina with some scattered small areas of light pitting.  The markings are all deep, clear and readable.  The cylinder scene is gone along with the number.  The action is nice.  The barrel address is the New York city address.