• Cased Tintype Armed Cavalryman


    Cased Tintype Armed Cavalryman

    Seated view of a bearded cavalryman.  He is wearing the Cav Jacket with shoulder scales.  It is a artful pose with him holding the sword vertically next to his body - resting the point on the floor.  He has his large revolver stuck in his belt so it is quite visible.  He wears the sword belt with the scabbard visible by his side and the shoulder strap as well.  

    The image is clear and a good exposure.  The backdrop looks to be a blank cloth and the floor is not visible so this might be a camp shot.  There is a little run of the emulsion off to the side - not affecting the image.  And it comes in a nice thermoplastic case that is complete, solid and quite nice.  Behind the image in the case is the advertising page from the case manufacturer with two patent dates in the 1850's.

    It is a striking image.   ON HOLD