Quarter Plate tintype 9th NH

    This quarter plate tintype is a full standing view of a soldier.  He is wearing a state furnished overcoat and holding his forage cap.  By his side is a 1841 Mississipi rifle with a saber bayonet.  His cap has NHV in brass letters which means New Hampshire Volunteers.   He is wearing a belt and appears to have a cap pouch on the belt.  The Mississipi rifle and NHV means he is a member of the 9th NH infantry.  They were the only NH infantry regiment of the first 10 regiments to be armed with 1841 rifles.  There is a series of photographs of men from this regiment with rifles.  The regiment saw active service in both the army of the Potomac in 1862 and were transferred west and participated in the Vicksburg campaign and later battled in the west.  

    It is housed in a nice gutta percha case.