Susat Civil War Antiques


    Springfield 1861 Rifle Musket

    The Model 1861 Rifle Musket was developed when it was decided to omit the Maynard tape primer.  The design is basically the same as the 1855 without the Maynard Tape Primer. The rear sight was improved by adding rounded projections on each side do the sight would not catch on things during the manual after arms movements.  Production started in 1861 and continued through 1862.  Total production was around 275000 at Springfield.  Most of the ones produced went straight into service and saw hard use.  

    This example is very nice.  The metal is smooth and clean.  The lock and barrel are both dated 1862.  The lock is crisp and clean with strong marks.  The barrel is clean with strong marks. There is a little staining behind the rear sight . The rear sight has bright blue color.  The stock is crisp with sharp corners snd cartouches.  The ESA is particularly crisp.  

    It is a beautiful example.