Susat Civil War Antiques


    1816 Springfield Percussion Conversion Musket Confederate Cleaned and Repaired

    This musket was originally produced as a flintlock smoothbore musket.  In the late 1840s the flintlock muskets in storage were inventoried and inspected for conversion to percussion.  The flintlock parts were removed from the lock and the screw holes were filled.  A new hammer was fitted and the vent into the barrel was plugged.  A cone was added into the barrel.  At the start of the Civil War  many thousands of these smoothbore muskets were issued on both sides.  This example has a "F" stamped into the wood in front of the trigger guard.  This mark is one of the marks used by the Confederate Cleaned and Repaired program.  This musket was probably picked up on a Battlefield in Virginia and then inspected and cleaned and/or repaired as needed and then went into Confederate Service.  This example was brought by a union soldier and passed down the family until his granddaughter sold the  musket in 1985.  Albert Beavers served first in the 68th Ill, which was a 3 month regiment.  Later he enlisted in the 54th Ill.  He was discharged at Duvall's bluff Ark with disability.  Much of the regiment, including Beaver, was captured. This occurred in 1864.

    The musket is very nice condition.  The metal is a smooth grey patina with some small scattered areas of light pitting.  The markings are all clear and readable on the metal.  The stock is sound with the usual scattered bumps and dings but it does not show heavy use.  The bayonet is in similar condition.